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Marrakech Menara Airport RAK: Unveiling Morocco’s Elite Gateway

Marrakech Menara Airport RAK epitomizes more than just a transport hub; it stands as a bustling gateway offering a seamless transition into the mesmerizing tapestry of Marrakech’s cultural wealth. With its IATA code RAK and OACI code GMMX, this airport serves as a pivotal point, connecting international travelers to the rich history, vibrant traditions, and captivating allure of Morocco.

Marrakech Menara Airport RAK: Infrastructure and Facilities

Aircraft Parking

Spanning across a vast area of 125,000 square meters, Marrakech Menara Airport RAK boasts a remarkable capacity to accommodate 39 medium and long aircraft simultaneously. This expansive space not only caters to the needs of airlines but also ensures efficient operations and accessibility for the millions of travelers passing through annually.

With an average annual throughput of over 6 million passengers, Marrakech Menara Airport RAK has emerged as a crucial travel hub, facilitating domestic and international flights to and from Morocco’s culturally rich city of Marrakech. This high capacity allows the airport to efficiently manage the considerable footfall, maintaining a seamless travel experience for a multitude of visitors flocking to explore the city’s wonders each year.


The airport’s primary runway features an orientation of 28/10, with dimensions measuring 3,100 meters in length and 45 meters in width. Designed to accommodate critical aircraft like the B747, this runway ensures smooth and safe operations for diverse aircraft types.

Car Parking

Travelers are offered convenient parking options with three dedicated parking areas, providing a total capacity of 1550 parking spots, ensuring hassle-free access and convenience for visitors.

Registration & Boarding

Efficiency is paramount at Marrakech Menara Airport RAK. With 58 registration desks and 15 boarding gates for international departures and 2 gates for national departures, passengers experience streamlined processes during check-ins and boarding.

Services and Amenities

Call Center

For comprehensive information about arrivals, departures, airline contacts, and more, the airport’s operational 24/7 call center at 080 1000 224 serves as a reliable resource for travelers seeking assistance and guidance.

Parkings and Contact Information

Marrakech Menara Airport Parking
Marrakech Menara Airport Parking

The Marrakech Menara Airport RAK offers multiple parking areas with varying capacities (Parking 1: 740 places, Parking 2: 460 places, Parking 3: 350 places). For inquiries or assistance, travelers can contact the airport at +212 6 63 25 08 75.

Parking Fees

The parking fees are structured according to duration and vehicle type, catering to both individual cars and buses/heavy vehicles, ensuring fair and convenient pricing for all travelers.

DurationOutdoor CarsBuses & heavy vehicles
1 Hour5 DH7 DH
1 to 2 Hours8 DH10 DH
2 to 3 Hours10 DH12 DH
3 to 4 Hours14 DH16 DH
4 to 5 Hours16 DH17 DH
5 to 12 Hours20 DH22 DH
12 to 24 Hours38 DH38 DH
Lost Ticket38 DH + parking fees

Assistance & Accessibility

To ensure inclusivity, the airport is equipped with ramps, elevators, and dedicated staff to assist disabled individuals, ensuring a seamless and accommodating travel experience for all passengers.

Transport Options

At Marrakech Menara Airport RAK, passengers have convenient transport choices available. A taxi station located on the airport esplanade offers transparent fare details for diverse destinations. Additionally, a bus shuttle service operates at 20-minute intervals, ensuring a swift connection between the city and the airport.

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Banking and Connectivity

Passengers can access banking services, including currency exchange facilities, provided by several banks within the airport premises. Moreover, free WIFI connectivity enables passengers to stay connected using their personal devices throughout their time at the airport.

BMCE BANKHall Public / Sous Douane
GLOBAL EXCHANGE Hall Public / Sous Douane

Medical Assistance

The airport features a 24/7 emergency medical unit equipped with an ambulance, emergency doctor, and nurse, ensuring prompt medical attention and care if required.


RAK Marrakech Menara Airport
RAK Marrakech Menara Airport

Marrakech Menara Airport RAK, with its expansive infrastructure, comprehensive services, and dedication to passenger convenience and safety, serves as an exemplary gateway to Marrakech. Beyond being a transportation hub, it stands as an embodiment of Moroccan hospitality, ensuring a smooth and memorable start or end to every traveler’s journey. Whether you’re arriving for an adventure or departing after exploring the wonders of Marrakech, this airport strives to enhance your travel experience, reflecting the beauty and warmth of Morocco.

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