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Casablanca Airport Mohammed V: Unlocking Morocco’s Dynamic Vitality


Casablanca Airport Mohammed V (CMN) the busiest airport in Morocco stands as a vital international gateway, connecting the Moroccan kingdom with the world. This bustling airport, located approximately 30 kilometers south of Casablanca, serves as a pivotal hub for travelers exploring Morocco’s cultural richness and modern allure.

About CMN Casablanca Airport Mohammed V International


CMN Airport Casablanca Mohammed V
CMN Airport Casablanca Mohammed V

Spanning across a sprawling area, Morocco Casablanca airport greets travelers with its modern infrastructure and world-class facilities. Its strategic location and comprehensive services facilitate seamless travel experiences for millions of passengers annually.

Geographic Location:
Located in Nouaceur, approximately 30 kilometers south of Casablanca, Casablanca Airport Mohammed V (CMN) is strategically situated to serve as a vital aviation hub connecting Morocco to the world.

Terminal Facilities:
Comprising Terminal 1 (76,000 m²) and Terminal 2 (66,000 m²), the airport offers expansive spaces catering to domestic and international flights. Specifically, a dedicated area of 5,700m² within the terminals is reserved for domestic flights. The current operational capacity stands at 14 million passengers per year.

Vehicle Parking:
Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 each feature a two-level parking facility, providing a total of 4,075 parking spaces for passengers and visitors.

Casablanca Airport cmn parkings
Casablanca Airport cmn parkings

Aircraft Parking:
With an extensive surface area of 250,000 m², the airport can accommodate up to 64 aircraft, including 11 large aircraft. Notably, there are 19 jet-bridges, including one triple jet-bridge suitable for A380-type aircraft.

Mohammed V international airport Casablanca is equipped with two parallel tracks: 35R/17L and 35L/17R, oriented at 164°/344. These tracks boast dimensions of 3717 m and 3711 m in length respectively, with a width of 45 m. The airport is capable of welcoming all types of Code E aircraft.

The airport is equipped with state-of-the-art aviation facilities, including precision approach systems such as CAT III-A, ARFF Category 9, MSSR monopulse RADAR for surveillance, automatic weather stations, D-ATIS, high-intensity lighting, and four PAPIs (Precision Approach Path Indicators). It boasts telecommunication and meteorological equipment necessary for comprehensive flight coverage.

Radionavigation Aid:
Complementing its advanced equipment, Casablanca Airport Mohammed V features a robust radionavigation system. This includes one VOR/DME and 1DVOR/DME, 1 EMR, 3 ILS (3 LOC & 3 GP/DME), and 3 NDB systems, enhancing navigational capabilities for aircraft operating in and out of the airport.

Certifications: Upholding Excellence in Service Quality

Airport Mohammed V Casablanca stands as a testament to its unwavering dedication to exceptional service quality and continual enhancement. This commitment is underscored by the airport’s attainment of various esteemed certifications, reflecting its relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and operational excellence:

  • ISO 9001 v 2015 Certification: Achieved in 2018 and renewed annually since then, Casablanca Airport Mohammed V proudly adheres to ISO 9001 v 2015 standards, showcasing its commitment to maintaining high-quality management systems and services.
  • ISO 14001 v 2015 Certification: Since 2018, the airport has maintained ISO 14001 v 2004 standards, emphasizing its dedication to environmental management and sustainability. This certification renewal signifies the airport’s ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental footprint.
  • AHA Accreditation: Attained on December 23, 2020, the airport holds the Accredited Airport Health Accreditation (AHA), demonstrating compliance with rigorous health and safety protocols, ensuring a secure and hygienic environment for all passengers and personnel.
  • Carbon Level 2 Accreditation: As of 2022, Casablanca Mohammed V international airport proudly holds Carbon Level 2 Accreditation, affirming its commitment to mitigating environmental impact by implementing effective carbon management strategies.
  • ICAO Aerodrome Certificate 2022: The airport has obtained the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Aerodrome Certificate in 2022, showcasing adherence to international aviation standards and safety measures, ensuring a secure and reliable air travel experience.

Mohammed V international airport’s acquisition and consistent renewal of these esteemed certifications highlight its unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier service quality, environmental responsibility, and safety compliance in every aspect of its operations.

Access and Facilities

Arrival at Airport CMN Casablanca: Your Smooth Entry into Morocco

Before Your Flight:

departure Airport Mohammed V
departure Airport Mohammed V

Prior to your journey to Airport CMN Casablanca, ensure you review the access conditions to Moroccan territory to prepare your travel documents. Health inspection may require presenting necessary documents for sanitary control at the border.

Arrival Formalities:

Upon arrival, the airport welcomes you with an arrivals area featuring three distinct spaces: one designated for passengers with Moroccan passports, another for passengers with foreign passports, and an expedited Fast Track service area. Our commitment to efficiency ensures swift processing through the emigration area, with an average wait time of under 30 minutes for your convenience.

Baggage Reclaim:

Navigate to the baggage claim area upon arrival to locate your flight’s carousel using the dedicated notice board. In case of lost or damaged baggage, refer to your airline’s designated baggage claim service for further assistance.

Pro Tip: Verify your baggage tag to avoid confusion based on color or brand.

Services Available:

Make use of our array of services including luggage porterage, DUTY FREE stores, car rental, information desk, currency exchange, and telecom operators, ensuring your smooth transition upon arrival.

Customs Clearance:

Moroccan Customs procedures occur at the baggage delivery area exit. Choose between the green circuit (for no declared goods) or the red circuit (for declared goods). Please adhere to the quantitative thresholds and allowances for entry into Morocco. In case of surpassing authorized thresholds, declare your goods or values to customs officials. For more details, visit or contact the call center at 08 01 00 70 00 / +212 5 37 56 57 57.

Exiting to the Public Hall:

Airport Casablanca Mohammed V offers two exits, one at Terminal 1 and another at Terminal 2. Clearly marked meeting points are available in both terminals.

Public Arrival Hall:

Discover an array of services including car rental, information desks, exchange offices, banking services, post and telecom operators, tobacco stores, as well as cafes and restaurants for your convenience.

Connectivity to Casablanca and Beyond:

To reach your final destination, choose from various transport options available, such as cab services to Casablanca and other cities, trains accessible from the arrivals hall, special shuttles arranged by travel agencies or accommodations, and rental cars offered by agencies available at the airport.

Departure Process at Airport Casablanca Mohammed V: Ensuring a Smooth Takeoff

Before Your Arrival:

Before heading to the airport, ensure you identify your flight’s terminal, as indicated on your ticket.

Terminal Details:

Upon reaching the terminal, refer to information screens to locate your flight’s check-in area and boarding gate. Terminal 1 caters to Royal Air Maroc and its partners, while Terminal 2 is dedicated to other airlines.

Early Arrival Recommendation:

For a stress-free departure experience, we recommend arriving at the airport ideally three hours before your scheduled flight. This allows ample time for a hassle-free check-in and departure process.

Check-in Procedure:

Locate the check-in counter designated for your airline. Prepare your travel documents – passport or identity card, electronic reservation number (code), or paper ticket. Our dedicated staff will assist in checking in your baggage, weighing it, and ensuring its placement in the aircraft hold.

Boarding Pass Collection:

After document verification and baggage check-in, you’ll receive your boarding pass, typically within 20 minutes of queuing, granting you access to board the aircraft.

Security Screening:

Proceed to the designated gate after completing check-in. Each passenger undergoes a security screening where personal items like keys, phones, belts, and electronic devices must be placed in provided bins for screening. Assistance agents are deployed to minimize waiting times during peak hours.

Passport Stamp and Final Security Check:

After the security screening, proceed to the police counters to stamp your passport. A secondary security check follows before heading to the appropriate gate for boarding. The average processing time is around 20 minutes.

Boarding Information:

Boarding time is indicated on your boarding pass and on information screens. Take advantage of the shopping and dining options available while waiting for your flight.

Boarding Procedures:

Refer to information screens for potential last-minute changes and seek assistance at the nearest information desk if needed. Generally, boarding commences approximately 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Transit Zone at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V: Enhancing Your Layover

At Airport Mohammed V Casablanca, we offer both national and international transit zones, providing essential amenities for a comfortable and enjoyable wait during your layover.

International Transit Area:

Accessible through the Terminal 1 drop-off zone, our international transit area ensures a seamless transition for travelers with connecting flights. Upon entry, you’ll find dedicated airline transit services equipped with check-in counters and user-friendly self-service kiosks. From there, proceed to the boarding areas via a convenient commercial walk-through circuit to catch your connecting flight.

Domestic Transit Area:

For domestic connections, our domestic transit area is easily accessible through the Terminal 2 drop-off area leading directly to the domestic boarding area. This streamlined access ensures a smooth and hassle-free transit process for passengers with domestic flights.

At both our national and international transit zones, we strive to provide a comfortable environment and essential facilities to make your layover a convenient and pleasant experience.


Convenient Parking Options at Airport Mohammed V Casablanca

Terminal 1 Parking:

  • Short-term Parking: Convenient for stays less than 24 hours, Terminal 1 offers short-term parking facilities, providing ease and proximity to the terminal for quick trips.
  • Long-term Parking: Terminal 1 also provides long-term parking options, ensuring a secure and reliable space for extended stays while maintaining accessibility to the terminal.

Terminal 2 Parking:

  • Long-term Parking: Terminal 2 caters to long-term parking needs, offering ample space for extended durations, providing a secure environment for vehicles during your trip.
  • Short-term Parking: Ideal for stays under 24 hours, Terminal 2 offers short-term parking facilities, allowing quick access to the terminal for brief visits.

Drop-off Zones:

For convenient drop-offs, both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 provide designated drop-off areas, ensuring swift access and easy drop-off points for passengers.

Mohammed V international airport offers diverse parking options across Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, catering to varying durations of stay, ensuring convenience and security for all travelers.

Accessing Casablanca Airport Mohammed V by Road: Seamless Connectivity

Situated 27 kilometers southwest of downtown Casablanca within the commune of Nouaceur, Mohammed V Airport enjoys excellent connectivity via a network of expressways linking it to key destinations like Bouskoura, Marrakech, Rabat, and Tangiers.

Travel Duration:

Allow approximately 30 to 50 minutes of travel time between Casablanca city center and Mohammed V Airport, depending on prevailing traffic conditions. Plan your journey accordingly to ensure a timely arrival.

Real-time Traffic Updates:

Stay informed about traffic conditions by visiting the provided link for real-time traffic updates, enabling you to make informed decisions and plan your commute efficiently.

Accessible Gas Station:

Adjacent to the airport, a 24/7 gas station offers convenience for travelers, ensuring access to fuel and essential services around the clock.

Mohammed V international airport is conveniently connected to major cities and equipped with nearby services, facilitating smooth and hassle-free travel experiences for all passengers.

By Train:

Casablanca Airport cmn
Casablanca Airport cmn

Casablanca International Airport boasts direct connectivity to the extensive rail network. The airport houses a conveniently located train station situated in the basement of Terminal 1, offering direct access to the airport concourse for travelers’ convenience. Trains operate without connections to various stations, including Bouskoura, Ennassim, Facultés, L’Oasis, Casa-Voyageurs, and Casa-Port.

Airport Train Station Schedule and Destinations:

Trains departing from the airport typically run between 06:50 and 22:50, providing seamless connectivity throughout the day. The approximate travel time between the airport and Casa-Voyageurs station is around 30 minutes. Ticket fares are approximately 70 MAD (€6.60) for 1st class and 50 MAD (€4.70) for 2nd class.

Online Booking and Timetables:

For convenience, passengers can access train timetables, purchase tickets, and plan their journeys online by visiting, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience.

Convenient Services and Facilities at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V

Flight Information Displays:

Stay updated with flight information displayed across the airport, including public areas, restricted zones, and VIP lounges, ensuring travelers are well-informed about their flights.

Pharmacy Services:

Accessible in Terminal 1’s public area, the 24/7 airport pharmacy caters to health and parapharmacy needs. For inquiries or advice, contact the pharmacy at +212522538675.

Luggage Protection:

Protect your luggage by using available protective packaging ranging from 4 to 8 euros, based on luggage size. Laminating machines are conveniently situated in both terminals’ public and check-in halls.

Luggage Assistance:

Free luggage carts are available for easy transport at sheltered parking lots, departure areas, public departure lobbies, and arrival baggage delivery areas. Porters in professional attire offer assistance at a service fee of approximately 20.00 DH (around 2 euros).

Baggage Litigations:

For any baggage-related concerns, contact your airline’s handler for assistance in locating and returning your baggage. Contact details:

  • RAM Handling: 00212 5 22 49 95 83
  • Swissport: 00212 6 25 57 20 05

Dining Options:

Explore numerous cafes and restaurants catering to diverse tastes, open according to flight schedules in public and boarding areas, offering a variety of dining choices.

Prayer Rooms:

Accessible prayer rooms are available in public halls and boarding areas of both terminals, accompanied by nearby ablution facilities.

Smoking Zones:

The airport is smoke-free, including electronic cigarettes. Designated smoking areas are provided in Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and internal flight boarding lounges. The esplanade before entering the airport also permits smoking.

Sanitary Facilities:

Throughout the airport, well-equipped sanitary blocks offer free services, including regular cleaning and disinfection. Some facilities are specifically designed for individuals with reduced mobility.

VIP Services:

Enjoy VIP & CIP services ensuring a comfortable and discreet experience on departure and arrival. Access the Pearl Lounge and RAM Lounges in terminals 1 and 2, offering exclusive services to lounge subscribers and business passengers of RAM and partner airlines.

Informative Assistance at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V

Whether you’re departing or arriving, Mohammed V Airport ensures a warm welcome and expert guidance through our terminals. Staffed by knowledgeable agents and hostesses, our information desks offer valuable assistance, guiding and supporting you throughout your airport journey.

Accessible Help:

Expert mobile teams, identifiable by their distinct attire, are readily available throughout the terminals, providing on-the-spot assistance and information, ensuring your travel experience is smooth and hassle-free.

At Mohammed V Airport, our dedicated teams are committed to offering exceptional service, ensuring you have the information and support you need as you navigate through our terminals.


Seamless Family Travel at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V

At Casablanca Mohammed V Airport, we prioritize ensuring a hassle-free family journey from departure to arrival.

We’ve tailored numerous services to cater specifically to families, including:

  • Convenient Facilities: Accessible changing tables are available in restrooms, ensuring comfort and ease for parents traveling with infants or toddlers.
  • Family-Friendly Offers: Explore a range of family-oriented deals at our restaurants and shops. Specifically designed for kids, these offers aim to enhance your family’s travel experience, providing convenience and value.

Casablanca Airport Mohammed V strives to make your family’s airport experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, offering tailored services and amenities catering to families’ unique needs.

Convenient Financial Services at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V

At Mohammed V international airport, travelers can access a range of financial services conveniently located across the terminals:

Banking Services:

  • AL BARID BANK: Available in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 within the public areas, ensuring easy access to banking facilities for travelers.
  • ATTIJARI WAFABANK: Strategically placed in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2’s public areas, offering accessible banking services.
  • BANQUE CENTRALE POPULAIRE: Found in the public areas of both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, providing convenient banking solutions for travelers.
  • BMCE BANK: Accessible in the customs bonded area, Terminal 1, and Terminal 2’s public areas, offering a range of banking services.

Currency Exchange Services:

  • WAFA CASH: Located in the public areas of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, facilitating currency exchange services for travelers’ convenience.
  • GLOBAL EXCHANGE FOREING: Available in the customs bonded area as well as the public areas of both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, offering comprehensive currency exchange facilities.
  • UNICAMBIO: Positioned in the public area of Terminal 1, catering to travelers’ currency exchange needs.

Casablanca Airport Mohammed V provides an array of banking and currency exchange services strategically placed across its terminals, ensuring easy access to financial facilities for all travelers.

Effortless Taxi Services at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V

Discover hassle-free transportation with readily available taxis at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V. Easily identifiable by their distinctive signboards and numbering, taxis await passengers at the Arrival esplanade for immediate service.

Alternatively, for a pre-arranged and seamless airport transfer to the city, consider booking your transportation through Their services ensure a convenient and comfortable journey to your destination.

Taxis operate around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering travelers flexibility and convenience in their transportation choices.

Mohammed V international airport Casablanca provides reliable and accessible taxi services, ensuring swift and efficient travel for arriving passengers, along with the added convenience of pre-booked transfers through

Seamless Connectivity at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V

Stay connected effortlessly at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V with its equipped Wi-Fi internet connection. Whether you’re using personal computers, smartphones, tablets, or other devices, our Wi-Fi service ensures connectivity throughout the airport premises.

Enjoy the convenience of accessing the internet on-the-go, allowing travelers to stay connected, catch up on work, or browse while waiting for flights or during their airport experience.

Casablanca Airport Mohammed V prioritizes providing travelers with reliable and accessible Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling seamless internet access for a smooth and connected journey.

Accessible Emergency Medical Support at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V

Mohammed V international airport Casablanca prioritizes traveler well-being, offering an Emergency Medical Unit (UMU) operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Easily accessible via fixed telephones distributed across various airport areas, this dedicated medical unit provides immediate assistance and care.

Whether travelers require urgent medical attention or assistance, the airport’s UMU stands ready to respond promptly and efficiently to any medical emergencies that may arise during their time at the airport.

Casablanca Airport Mohammed V is committed to ensuring travelers’ safety and well-being, providing accessible and reliable emergency medical support for a secure and reassuring airport experience.


Retail Haven at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V

Indulge in a diverse and enticing shopping experience at Mohammed V international airport Casablanca, featuring an array of renowned shops and boutiques:

Casablanca Airport shops
Casablanca Airport shops
  • HUDSON: Discover travel essentials and more at Hudson, your go-to destination for convenience and quality products.
  • MOBILE OUTFITTERS: Explore Mobile Outfitters for the latest in mobile accessories and gadgets for your tech needs.
  • DUFRY MAROC: Enjoy duty-free shopping at Dufry Maroc, offering an extensive selection of international brands and exclusive items.
  • INTERNATIONAL DUTY FREE SHOPS: Explore a wide range of duty-free products at the International Duty-Free Shops, featuring diverse options for travelers.
  • MAYMANA: Find exquisite local treasures and souvenirs at Maymana, showcasing authentic Moroccan crafts and gifts.
  • SUD BIO: Embrace organic and natural products at Sud Bio, offering an assortment of health and beauty essentials.
  • TRESORS EL MAMOUNE: Discover treasures at Tresors El Mamoune, featuring unique items and luxurious gifts.
  • HIBA OUROUD: Immerse yourself in enticing scents and fragrances at Hiba Ouroud, offering an exclusive collection of perfumes.
  • SWISS ARABIAN: Explore the world of Swiss Arabian for premium fragrances and scented delights.
  • Orange & INWI: Visit Orange and INWI for all your telecommunication needs, offering a range of services and products.
  • PHARMACIE MOHAMMED V: Access healthcare essentials at Pharmacie Mohammed V, providing medical and wellness products.
  • AMAN BAG & YARRA EVEN: Shop for trendy bags and travel accessories at Aman Bag and Yarra Even, catering to your style and utility.
  • RELAX STATION: Unwind at Relax Station, offering relaxation and convenience items for travelers.
  • IAM & Kiosque EL ADDIOUI: Discover IAM and Kiosque El Addioui for your communication and convenience needs.
  • KOUNOUZ EL YASMINE: Explore Kounouz El Yasmine for exclusive items and unique offerings.
  • RAFFINITY & GLOBAL BLUE: Delve into Raffinity and Global Blue for luxury items and high-end shopping experiences.
  • SAFE BAGAGE: Ensuring your baggage safety, Safe Bagage offers solutions and products for secure travels.

Casablanca Airport Mohammed V boasts an impressive selection of shops and boutiques, providing a diverse shopping experience for travelers, whether seeking luxury items, souvenirs, or travel essentials.

Gourmet Delights at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V

Indulge in a delightful culinary experience at Mohammed V international airport Casablanca, offering a diverse selection of eateries and restaurants:

Casablanca Airport Mohammed V restaurants
Casablanca Airport Mohammed V restaurants
  • Pizza Square: Savor delicious pizzas and Italian specialties at Pizza Square, perfect for a quick and satisfying bite.
  • VENEZIA ICE: Treat yourself to refreshing ice creams and desserts at Venezia Ice, offering a range of sweet delights.
  • CAFE BIANCA: Enjoy a relaxing ambiance and a variety of coffee blends at Cafe Bianca, perfect for a rejuvenating break.
  • COCOTTE: Discover Cocotte, serving up a delectable array of savory dishes and flavorful cuisines.
  • MATSURI: Experience Japanese culinary finesse at Matsuri, offering sushi, sashimi, and authentic Japanese delights.
  • PAUL: Delight in freshly baked bread, pastries, and sandwiches at Paul, catering to your bakery cravings.
  • STARBUCKS COFFEE: Fuel up with your favorite coffee blends and snacks at Starbucks Coffee, perfect for coffee enthusiasts.
  • Table du Marché: Enjoy a taste of local flavors and international cuisine at Table du Marché, offering diverse dining options.
  • Daily Break: Grab a quick bite or a light meal at Daily Break, providing convenient options for travelers on-the-go.
  • M. Brochette: Relish in the flavors of grilled delicacies and skewers at M. Brochette, serving up deliciously seasoned dishes.
  • CAFE VERO: Experience Cafe Vero’s delightful coffee blends and refreshments, providing a relaxing environment.
  • ILLY: Explore Illy for premium coffee selections and a delightful range of hot and cold beverages.
  • MEDINA: Discover Moroccan culinary specialties and traditional dishes at Medina, offering authentic flavors.
  • Pomme de Pain: Enjoy a variety of sandwiches, salads, and baked goods at Pomme de Pain, ideal for a quick and tasty meal.

Casablanca Airport Mohammed V presents an enticing array of dining choices, providing travelers with a diverse culinary experience, ranging from local flavors to international favorites.

Convenient Car Rentals at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V

For travelers seeking reliable transportation options, Casablanca Airport Mohammed V offers a range of esteemed car rental services:

  • AIR CAR: Experience seamless car rentals with Air Car, offering a diverse fleet and convenient pick-up/drop-off services.
  • FRANCE CAR: Discover France Car, providing an array of vehicles and flexible rental options to suit your travel needs.
  • HOLIDAY DRIVE INTERNATIONALE: Enjoy hassle-free car rentals with Holiday Drive Internationale, featuring a selection of vehicles catering to various preferences.
  • MARLOC: Choose Marloc for efficient car rentals, providing quality service and a choice of well-maintained vehicles.
  • SOCIETE CHERIFIENNE D’AUTO LOCATION: Experience reliable car rentals with Societe Cherifienne D’Auto Location, offering competitive rates and excellent customer service.
  • STARC: Explore convenient car rental solutions with Starc, providing an extensive fleet and personalized services for travelers.

At Casablanca Airport Mohammed V, these esteemed car rental services ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience, allowing you to explore the region at your own pace.

Comfortable Lodging Options Near Casablanca Airport Mohammed V

For travelers seeking accommodation close to Casablanca Airport Mohammed V, several hotels and resorts offer convenient stays:

  • RESORT CO: Experience a relaxing stay at Resort Co, featuring comfortable rooms and excellent amenities for a pleasant retreat.
  • FLY HOTEL: Enjoy a convenient stay at Fly Hotel, providing cozy rooms and convenient access for travelers seeking a nearby lodging option.
  • ONOMO HOTEL: Discover Onomo Hotel, offering modern accommodations and quality services to ensure a comfortable stay near the airport.
  • ATLAS HOSPITALITY: Atlas Hospitality provides travelers with a comfortable lodging experience, boasting amenities and services to cater to various guest preferences.

These hotels near Casablanca Airport Mohammed V offer a range of facilities and services to ensure a relaxing and convenient stay for guests arriving or departing from the airport.

Lounges and VIP Services

Elevated Airport Experience at the Pearl Lounge

Seeking a tranquil haven before your flight at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V?

Indulge in a serene atmosphere and personalized services within our exclusive CIP lounges, such as the renowned Pearl Lounge. Whether it’s before departure or upon arrival, experience tailored comforts and unwinding amenities.

For inquiries, membership details, or renewal requests, get in touch with us:

Relish the refined ambiance and tailored services of the Pearl Lounge for an enhanced pre-flight or post-landing experience at Casablanca Airport Mohammed V.

Swift Passage with Fast Track Services

Bid farewell to lengthy queues and savor every instant at the airport by utilizing our exclusive “Fast Track” services!

For details or to make a reservation, please reach out to us:

Experience expedited airport procedures and make the most of your time by opting for our Fast Track services, ensuring a seamless and efficient journey.

The Region

Casablanca: Where Tradition Meets Modernity on Morocco’s Coastal Frontier

Casablanca, situated on the Atlantic coastline, stands as Morocco’s bustling economic hub, blending diverse cultures and influences. Its charm resonates through a fusion of Arabo-Andalusian architecture, Art Deco aesthetics, delectable cuisine, and vibrant traditional music.

This city is a constant whirlwind of progress entwined with heritage. Its historic narrative unfolds through remarkable landmarks like the grand Hassan II Mosque, the medina’s intricate maze, and the revered Sacré-Coeur church. But Casablanca also embraces the future with districts like Boulevard Mohammed VI and the Morocco Mall, a prominent shopping destination across Africa.

As a pivotal economic and financial center in North Africa, Casablanca extends a plethora of business and investment prospects. Moreover, its cultural canvas comes alive with a year-round tapestry of music, film, and dance festivals, celebrating its artistic richness.

Casablanca is synonymous with hospitality and warmth. We invite you to immerse yourself in the allure of this dynamic city, offering an unparalleled experience that leaves an indelible mark on every visitor. Discover the essence of tradition harmoniously coexisting with innovation in the heart of Casablanca.

In conclusion, Casablanca Airport Mohammed V stands as a pivotal gateway connecting Morocco to the world, embodying efficiency, service excellence, and convenience. The information provided in this article was sourced from, showcasing the airport’s comprehensive facilities, services, and commitment to passenger satisfaction. From its strategic location, top-notch infrastructure, and diverse amenities to its seamless transit processes, this airport ensures a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for millions of passengers yearly. Furthermore, the airport‘s emphasis on certifications, environmental responsibility, and safety compliance underscores its dedication to excellence. Serving as an introduction to the vibrant city of Casablanca, the airport sets the stage for an unforgettable exploration of Morocco’s cultural richness and modernity.

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