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Best Options from Fes Airport to City

Welcome to the gateway of enchantment! Fes-Saïss Airport is your ticket to the mesmerizing tapestry of Morocco’s cultural heart – Fes. Situated around 15 kilometers south of the city center, this airport, though not colossal, stands as a vital port of entry for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the rich history and vibrant ambiance of Fes.

A Glimpse of Fes-Saïss Airport

Upon arrival at Fes-Saïss Airport (FEZ), the charm of Morocco instantly greets you. This relatively compact airport prides itself on efficient operations, offering both domestic and international flights. As you disembark and navigate through the terminal, anticipation for the allure of Fes begins to stir within.

Transportation Galore: Options from Fes Airport to City

  1. Taxi Tales:

Airport Taxis:

A fleet of bright yellow taxis eagerly awaits just outside the terminal, beckoning travelers towards Fes city. Negotiating fares in advance or ensuring the meter is used ensures a fair price for the approximately 20 to 30-minute ride, depending on traffic and your final destination.

Grand Taxis:

For the cost-conscious voyager seeking an authentic communal experience, Grand Taxis are a delightful choice. These shared taxis, when fully occupied, depart for various Fes locations, offering a shared ride and a glimpse into the everyday life of locals.

  1. Private Transfers:

Seeking convenience and a touch of luxury? Pre-booked private Airport transfers from various service providers offer personalized journeys tailored to your preferences. Expect a smooth, hassle-free transition from airport arrival to your desired Fes destination.

  1. Rental Cars:

Freedom enthusiasts can opt for rental cars available at the airport, providing the autonomy to explore Fes and its surroundings at their own pace. However, navigating through Fes’s labyrinthine streets might pose a challenge for newcomers; employing GPS or navigation aids is highly recommended.

  1. Public Transport:

The budget-savvy traveler might opt for public buses that operate between the airport and Fes city center. While economical, schedules might not perfectly align with your arrival time, so it’s prudent to check timetables in advance.

Traveler’s Pro-Tips:

  • Language Jive: Arabic and French are widely spoken, though English might not be as prevalent. A smattering of basic phrases in Arabic or French can work wonders in communication.
  • Cash Flow: Moroccan Dirham (MAD) is the local currency. Have some cash ready for taxis or unforeseen expenses upon touchdown.
  • Culture Code: Respect local customs and attire modestly, especially when exploring religious sites or mingling with Fes’s hospitable locals.

Parting Wisdom

The journey from Fes-Saïss Airport to the heart of the city marks the prologue to your grand Moroccan adventure. Embrace the fusion of ancient traditions and contemporary allure as you venture into the maze-like streets, fragrant souks, and historical marvels of this Moroccan jewel.

In summary, this guide is your compass, illuminating the path from Fes-Saïss Airport to the captivating cityscape of Fes. Let this transition spark the flame of wonder and eagerness for the unparalleled experiences awaiting you amidst the rich tapestry of Morocco.

Fes Airport to city isn’t merely a transfer; it’s the opening act of a captivating play in the theatrical landscape of Fes. So, let the curtains rise on your adventure, where authenticity meets charm, and every corner whispers tales of ancient mystique and cultural richness.

This transition from Fes Airport to city encapsulates not just a physical journey but the inauguration of an immersive exploration, where every step unlocks new dimensions of authenticity, charm, and unforgettable moments.


As you make your way from Fes-Saïss Airport into the heart of the city, envision this transition as the threshold into a captivating world of sights, scents, and sounds. Embrace the rhythm of Fes, for it is here that the magic of Morocco truly comes alive, waiting to be discovered at every turn, in every smile, and through every interaction. Your journey has just begun.

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